Comparison: Honda CBR 150 R vs Yamaha YZF – R15 V2.0

Friends at Throttlers have come up with a well written review of Honda CBR 150R vs Yamaha YZF R15 V2.0.

Honda CBR 150 R vs Yamaha YZF – R15 V2.0

Yamaha YZF – R15 V2.0 lives upto its name. It has good low and midrange power. It looks like an SBK. It is well built and has quality exterior. It has a lightweight aluminum swing arm, a stiff front suspension and a linked mono rear suspension making it one of the best handling motorcycle in the country. The brakes are slightly better than the Honda and it also has good tires to top it off. But, it lacks the top end rush of the CBR. It lacks the closed loop fuel injection. It lacks the 55 watt headlamps. It lacks the comfort.It lacks the adjustable rear shocks.Its rear seat is small and high enough to scare away most pillions. At rs 121000~ OTR R15 V2.0 is a no compromise handler and an able performer. But it is what makes the R15 a great looker and handler which makes it uncomfortable to ride in city and during long rides. So if you want the best looking motorcycle in the country. look no further than the R15.

Review :

Comparison: Honda CBR 150 R vs Yamaha YZF – R15 V2.0

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