Buy the Honda now, the prices are increasing by Jan

Are you planning to buy the Honda CRV ? or for that matter any car from Honda ? Well, you better buy them before Jan.
Finding it difficult to keep the prices of its cars at the present level Honda Siel Cars India Ltd may have to hike it by one or two per cent by January, due to rising input costs, company President and CEO Masahiro said. Talking to reporters after inaugurating the state-of-the-art Honda facility here, he said though oil prices had fallen, input costs had increased as the value of the Rupee had come down.

We will not be able to manage the pressure after December. We can’t be optimistic. We are preparing ourselves in the next two years, the situation may worsen. As far as India is concerned, the fundamentals are strong and there are sufficient foreign currency reserves.

The price of Honda New City would stay as it is, but that of the Honda CRV could go up by six to seven per cent as it is a fully imported car. The company is preparing itself to face the economic slowdown. as far as India is concerned, the fundamentals are strong and “there are sufficient foreign currency reserves.”

The Indian versions of Accord and Civic had facilities not available elsewhere in the world, like higher suspensions, rear seat audio control and air conditioning facilities, he said. The market would grow in future he said noting and added that the company’s motorcycle sales in India was also encouraging, about six lakh bikes had been sold so far.

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