Review : Fiat 500 and India, How well does it match ?

Fiat 500 in India Review : LogoFIAT announced its plans earlier this year to release the iconic “FIAT 500” along with Bravo, Punto and Linea. But how well will this car perform in the Indian Market ? The small car is not that small on price. But yesteryear stats can be wrong, infact looking at stats of the newly launched model like Skoda Fabia, there is a good market for high-end small hatches. And above all Fiat seems to have a good hope with the new new line of economy & high-end cars and better service backed up by the TATA.Fiat 500 in India Review : FIAT 500 Front

But The 500 when launched might already have competetion in the market with international players like Volkswagen and Mini Cooper.

Erasing its name as one of the “cheap” car (..padmini..) maker, FIAT is all set to roll this baby with a 11-13 lakh Price tag. The car, all in all is a compact, superb and sexy package to own. Its incredibly cute and real fun to drive. Though indians might not like its practicality with 2 doors, but if you can spend that much, who cares anyway ? The coolest looking part of this cutie is the retro dashboard and odo/temp screen, which in fact can also show you your text messages !


Fiat 500 in India Review : FIAT 500 DashboardEngines & Performance
Top speed: 159kmph
Acceleration 0-100mph : 12secs
Max power (bhp) :69
Power (@rpm) :5500
Torque (@rpm) : 3000
Torque (Nm) : 102

Power Unit
Engine capacity (cc) : 1242
Bore and stroke (mm) : 70.8 X 78.9
Compression ratio : 11.1:1
No. of cylinders : 4
Fiat 500 in India Review : FIAT 500 GearNumber of valves per cylinder : 4
Fuel type : Petrol
Gearbox : Manual
Number of gears : 5

Front brakes : Disc
Rear brakes : Drum
Front tyres : 185/55 R 15
Rear tyres : 185/55 R 15
Wheel type : 15″ alloy
Front suspension : Independent McPherson
Rear suspension : Torsion beam
Fuel tank capacity : 35L
Steering : Dualdrive™ electronic powersteering
Turning circle (m) : 9.2

It looks terrific. The problem is trying to remain objective when you see the Fiat for the first time, because you just fall in love with it. How do we define the thrill of driving? On one, obvious level it’s about controlling something powerful, responsive, balanced, communicative, getting the best from it and feeling it get the best from you. The warmth you feel from seeing and touching a car, the smile you get from familiarity reinterpreted, the appreciation of the love that has gone into a special car’s creation. That’s the Fiat 500 thrill; see it in the metal and a little chemical frisson fires through your blood.

The 1957 edition was rear-engined, its air-cooled twin cylinder hard pressed to push the Fiat far beyond 60mph. Today’s 500 is based on the Fiat Panda, its four-cylinder water-cooled engine driving the front wheels. This time you get a choice of engines, including a 69bhp 1.2 litre petrol, a 100bhp 1.4 litre twin-cam six-speed version of the same engine, and a 75bhp 1.3 litre turbodiesel.

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