Moded Mahindra MM540.

I was really much passionate towards Jeeps, my all time favourite. Hope not only for  me, but almost for everyone. After a lot of struggles, we (A group of 5 friends) decided to acquire a Mahindra MM540. The purpose was “College Commuting”.
We had to search every nook and corner for one well maintained as well as a pretty affordable one. As you know, it was not quite so easy for that to happen because all well maintained beasts were having nerve breaking price line and those in affordable range was accompanying with a poor maintanence record. But our search continued over Kerala,Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Even we attended the auction in Chennai where, the old military jeeps were been auctioned.But we could’nt make from that. Finally, we came across one in Calicut (Kozhikode,Kerala) and that was like the one we looked out for.

  • Mahindra MM540 – 1988 Model.
  • Powered with a 2.0L Peugeot Engine.
  • 2 WD.
  • 4 Speed Gearbox (2nd, 3rd and 4th synchromesh).
  • Fuel Injection System: Distributor Pump
  • Steering: Recirculating ball and nut.
  • Brakes: Hydraulic with tandem master cylinder.
  • Suspension: Leaf springs ,semi elliptical at front and rear with hydraulic double acting telescopic shock absorbers.
  • Battery: 12 V / 70 Amp.
  •  Alternator: 43A.
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 60 litres.






We all fell in love with her at the first sight itself and she was like a bride in her white suiting. To be frank, we didnt wanted to miss that chance when we saw her and still I don’t know why we felt so. Admired by her beauty and behavior (performance is the so called behavior) we decided to get settled over her .


The deal was up and it was fair 60k. Done !
Afterthat, we thought to dress up the white angel like a monster. With that thought at the base we worked out on her new suiting. We finalized to get  her  topless, as boys are always fond of that. Went ripped her top, she really went hotter.

It was an official 9-seater and we badly wanted it to be a 5-seater. So, moving on with that was next on the list. We got ourselves a Maruti Suzuki Omni Van’s Rear seat from a crashed vehicle and fortunately it got fixed as perfect !   Next mission was the MS pipe at thr middle of the chassis. After a lot of work on that we settled with one. Also,we badly needed a tyre change as we were not at all satisfied with the current profile, and the winner was “Bridgestone heuler HT 689 (245/70R16)”.


After all those work, we realized it was time for her to get painted. We finalized to dress her up with a matte texture. Finalised the color too – “Mistubusi Green”.We got her suited in green in 3 days and from there we took her for the final stage – to get” Vinyl’ed” and we had to face many hurdles there too, i.e. in finalisiing what has to be done. After many proposals, it was moded like this for the first phase.



After 12 months, we thought to go with a few more changes. The first preference was with the tyre change again and this time we were forced for an upgrade. We came up with “BFGoodRich Mud Terrain T/A (LT255/85R16)”. It was much bigger compared to the previous one and that was definitely a worth mod. We also added a set of fog lamps and also a windscreen grill.




That was only done for the second phase.

To the present, she is still young and hot !!


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